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Brian Decker

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About Brian Decker


It’s not about the money. It’s about creating a legacy.” Brian Decker, one of the Top 50 refinance loan officers in the country and one of the Top 50 purchase loan officers in the country, did something crazy in 2012 — he threw his whole, highly-successful business model out the door and relocated his branch to a new market some 100 miles away.

Brian has always broken from the pack. But not in a manner rebellious as much as innovative. Knowing the importance of technology (A millenial himself), Brian has always been on the forefront of utilizing technology to help people better understand the mortgage and loan industry. “Mortgages and loans are something that are often difficult for people to understand. It’s imperative we meet people where they’re at and strive to deliver information in a palatable and people-friendly manner.”

From 2005-2012, Brian Decker was one of the most successful refinance originators in the industry. After realizing he wanted to raise his children in the same town he grew up in, he exported his reach and business model. Within just 12 months he moved from one of the top refinance loan officers in the U.S. to top purchase loan originators in the U.S. From 2013-Present he has been consistently one of the Top 10 loan officers in the country for both purchase and refinance mortgage loans.

Having funded over $1,500,000,000 in mortgage loans Brian has earned his spot as one of the top mortgage and loan experts in the U.S. As part of his desire for legacy, Brian created – along with three other Top 50 mortgage originators – the Real Estate Industry’s FIRST On Demand Training Library. allows people to pay for the content they want when they want — no subscriptions or commitments.









Now, Brian Decker has taken his legacy to the next level in an attempt to provide more information to more people for free. Be sure to follow him online and stay up to date with insights and updates!

But Brian Decker’s legacy doesn’t start and stop with work. “Being a good Dad is at the foundation of what I do. In fact, it’s why I hustle so hard in my business life, too.” In the end, Brian’s work is about happiness – both for himself and for the people he seeks to educate and help. “A great life is about order, both personally and professionally. And as busy I get with work, nothing is going to stop me from getting home to my kids and cranking up the Dad role.”